Android vs. iOS

It’s a fight that undermines to lease the Internet in two with its discussion fraying fierceness. However why do we get so worked up over our working frameworks? The most recent scene of CNET’s Adventures in Tech dives profound inside the human cerebrum, to demonstrate how something as basic as a cell phone working framework can trigger an ancient reaction in our stone-age mind. Press Play now.

To uncover the arcane insider facts of our beguiling personalities, Adventures in Tech enrolls the help of brain science teacher Mark Coulson, who’s available to unwrap the compelling mental methodologies that break in when we associate ourselves with either Android, ios – or surely, anything!

The force of ingroups and outgroups, our state of mind to these rationally moulded groups and the evolutionary roots of our tight-weave tribal mentality will be uncovered, sparkling a light on cutting edge clashes, for example, if ios or Android is the unrivaled stage.