The best Search Engine Optimsation Tool for WordPress

If you have a wordpress blog ad you have always has issues optimizing it then here is a toll to help you with that. Its probably the best and simplest interface you will find out there. SEO unlimited is what you should be looking for. Just rund a search for the plugin with that name, install and activate it and your ready to go. They also provide an introductory video tutorial that would get you set up with the basics. Every feature has a help and overview tab so its easy to find your way in the dark. Among some of its feature it has the Canonicalizer. It is use to do the following:

Then there is the 404 monitor. This monitors all the pages that are non existant and alert you the moment something dosent show up that is suppose to show up or some links that you have to delete that are non existant.

Competition researches is another very handy tool that hav implemented.  You can research all youkeywords and analyse competition right from here. These are the research tools you can use.

The title tag rewriter is very helpful if you like to do some bulk rewriting. The part about this tool is that it comes with a reset button. So you can wipe out your mistakes when you fiddle with it.

It also add a meta keyword, meta robots tag, description and title editor right under every post you decide to write along with the option to index the post or not. The no follow option is just a checkbox away.This tool comes with many other options it is a must checkout tool and something i highly recommend for new wordpress users and folk new to seo as well. Much help provided to set up and run. Lets just say that if you concentrate on the quality of your site or blog seo ultimate can do the rest. And that to the guys at SEO ultimate for the amazing plugin.

Watch the SEO Ultimate wordpress plugin video

This should give you a better idea!

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