Font history infograph

Came across this very interesting font infograph the other day. Thought it would be worth a share.

Why i am so tired of Facebook and why Google+ gives me a break!

When facebook began they made changes very often, i remember there was a time when every six months had a new design and layout. After a while spam began to overwhelm me and i spent more time sorting things out than i did sending stuff out.

Google Panda and why you don’t need to worry!

All this talk about the Panda update or the farmer update got me very curious. I often started to check my analytic graphs to see if i could notice a change in traffic on the dates the updates were run.

Errors solved while installing Spotify on Ubuntu (Linux)

I am currently runing linux (ubuntu). Decided to install spotify and ran into a few problems but now since i have the answers i thought about putting them down so that someone else in the same place would get some better help.