3 things you should know about clean Link Building

In my entire career working with seo or online marketing link building is one of the things that can get really messy if not done well. Everybody wants to get to the top and some people want it by any means by are stumped when it backfires. An important thing for everyone to know is the cleaner the links the better you chances are. Google is not stupid so don’t try to buy links not even if they offer you a lifetime supply of them for 10USD. The more generic and natural your links are the more you don’t have to worry about when your going to get slapped by the search engines. 3 things you should know when trying to build clean and good back-links are:

1) Whatever you do don’t buy them

This means that along the course of your Internet lifespan you will have many opportunities to just jump in for a few quick links. This can have a very negative effect to your site or to your clients. Google has a database of site of this kind and you will get google slapped very soon and begin to drop in rankings. Lots of people have dropped in rankings and have no clue why. This is one of the most common reasons. Building links is hard work but it definitely pays off in the long run. If you place your links smartly you not only bring in a good page rank but all lots of target visitors. And there are plenty of directories out there and article sites that you could get links from.

2)  Stay away from paid link baiting or trading

Paid link bating or trading is a less risky but its a cheap way to get yourself some back links. Its almost as good as buying a link. There are plenty of forums and blogs out there that you could leave a mark on. Drop a comment , write a review or an article or post some unique content on forums. Get into the social networking buiz all this brings loads of traffic to your site. but the key to good link building is patience. An seo expert once told me that he has dropped 3 links everyday for over a couple of years. He now experiences a page rank of 4 but the interesting part is that all the people who had started competing with him and have a larger arena of products for some reason come lower in generic google searches. These companies tried the fast lane and for some reason they lost out. He now enjoys huge amount of sale every month.

3) Drop deep links

when you leave links on forums and blogs make sure to leave a deep link. try to go for a product and service rather than dropping the main website. For example instead of using www.abc.com you can use www.abc.com/products/redneckjoe. Works much better and if this is a good category or product and you get people interested it will boost the main domain.

All this finally boils down to a very good website. When i say good i mean a site with good content and something which will interest people. The more unique the better.

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