6 of the best photoshop brush sites

If you want to download brushes for Photoshop you will find millions of them around the place. Loads of them are free and some really good one you would have to shell out a few bucks for. But the truth is that you could find some really good ones out there and not need to pay for it. As in if you want a particular brush your most likely to find it or a very close substitute. There are a lot of designers who start up small websites and to get popular offer custom designed brushes out to the public. To get these brushes you will have to look around and scan through a number of small tiny websites. But the bulk of the brushes still remain in the big one. These are 3 site we use more or less on a regular basis to get our work done.

1) Deviantart

Deviantart is probably the largest community out there of people who share and sell art of all kinds. Brushes are available here by the dozen and you can communicate with the designer and custom design the brush to your needs. Piles of free and paid brushes. This site is huge and would need some time to go through. So if you have the time the sit and sift through heaps of amazing work and get inspired at the same time.

2) Fbrushes

Clean well designed website with well detail files for download. Along with brushes they also have patterns and textures. Big collection and a must check out if your looking for something in a hurry.

3) Brusheezy

Brusheezy is a site that has changed over the years and although they dont have many regular updates they still have a good amount of quality brushes and they are free. They have updated their site design and now have a community  The site is very clean and easy to navigate through. It is not cluttered with advertisements and makes you feel that they want you in and dont just treat you as a visitor and juice out your clicks. We have been using this website for quite a while and have had a very good experience.

4) BrushKing

This is a site with a lot of brushes. Quite a big variety. The site is not too cluttered and provides a lot of detail on every brush.

5) Seishido

If your looking for custom designed ready made brushes, this is the place to go to. They have a bunch of brushes that are rare and very useful but you will have to pay.

6) Myphotoshopbrushes

Claims to have everything for photoshop. Worth a look!

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