Apple iOS bug eats away at time!

This new year was a fuzzy start for all the apple customers and it wasn’t the daylight saying flu this time. There were a huge bunch of people who did not wake up in time for work on the 1st morning including me. Reportedly the iOS bug only affected iOS 4 i phones. Apple sold around 1.7million […]

6 of the best photoshop brush sites

If you want to download brushes for Photoshop you will find millions of them around the place. Loads of them are free and some really good one you would have to shell out a few bucks for. But the truth is that you could find some really good ones out there and not need to pay for […]

Top 3 “MUST HAVE” start-up website analytic tools

.... It has a descent and easy to understand layout and is also very user friendly when it comes to the technical aspect. Once connected with a website Google analytics can drill down to almost any piece or trace of data left by a visitor. These details can be further filtered into good quality reports which graphs and can be directly used in presentations.

How to SEO a category, brand or range of products

One of the best ways to optimize with Google is firstly to play by the rules. Instead of searching of ways to get around Google try to work with Google in order to achieve your goals. Google is primarily a search engine built to service customers who search for things. So the better you develop your products and content the better it is for you , your customers and Google. By having an extensive range of products you give the customers a wider variety to choose from and people searching to buy a product will definitely buy it if they find what they want.

Why target keywords locally?

. . . For instance if your market is limited to Denmark for example and you have created your website and have just got your sitemap indexed and your Google webmaster tools and analytics are functional. You start to generate reports on which keywords you turn up for organically. This mean that you show up in Google for some keywords that Google thinks you are more relevant than other websites for.