Basic Tips For Beginner SEO Specialist

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. There have many search engines available in the web like as Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, Bing search engine and many more. Doing SEO for a website means you are going to rank your website to those search engines. By doing SEO, you can get the first page of search page of any search engine that for you will do SEO.But before doing SEO, you should remember that Google is most and best search engine of the web world. So most of people do SEO for his/her website to rank on Google Search Engine. But you also should remember that Google search have many rules. You must should keep away from penalty of Google. You must should work as the Google policy. You must need to know about Google penguin, Google panda and also Google Humming Bird rules. You must should research the keyword on internet and also should do forum posting, blog commenting,social bookmarking,write seo friendly content,launch on social media and should write guest blog post.

After learning all about the upper paragraph then you may go ahead to start doing SEO for your site.