Why mobile marketing is the next big thing!

Mobile marketing combined with the internet can be used as a very powerful tool. Here are a few stats that will help you understand the mobile market better.   Learn More about Mobile Tagging at Microsoft Tag.

E-commerce SEO – Using multiple websites/domains to boost traffic and sale!

It is a known fact that many big website use multiple domains to sell the same products or services or even to advertise for them. The theory behind this is is that customers or even normal surfers go through many websites before they make their purchase. Using multiple domains increses the chance of getting a wee bit […]

What happens when you gather too many back links in a short period of time?

When it comes to SEO there are a bunch of people out there would go all out for it. You give them an inch and they pull through a yard. The rules of backlinking are very simple and the more you try to work with it the more complicated you make it. Let me explain […]

Launch a free store on Facebook!

Graphic FBML has just evolved. Payvment E-Commerce Storefront is the answer for all those who would like to sell products right from their Facebook page. Its a free app that can be instlled directly for those who can code but for those who cant appbistro is the place to go. Payvment is free and uses PayPals API for the transactional […]

Importance of impression to Click ratio for search queries

Sounds very simple to understand yet when i needed a little more info it was hard to find. If you have webmaster tools the you could find a very simple analysis under a search query tab on your webmaster tools account. Lets get a little deep into what clicks, impressions , CTR and queries actually […]

6 Must fix basic SEO HTML tags

These are a list of the most common SEO base HTML tags that can make a whole lot of difference between a sketchy and an important website. The following tags will give you a and added advantage and a white sheet whne it come to google. Most of the times these are messed up when […]