Sudden increase in search query impressions!

This is a very interesting and perplexing situation. Sent this question to many people but they could not spot the dot. On the 9th of January 2011 the search query impressions for a site that i analyse just went through the roof. Maybe not that hig but from an approx of 400 impressions to 2400 […]

The best Search Engine Optimsation Tool for WordPress

If you have a wordpress blog ad you have always has issues optimizing it then here is a toll to help you with that. Its probably the best and simplest interface you will find out there. SEO unlimited is what you should be looking for. Just rund a search for the plugin with that name, install and […]

Top 5 highly customized Facebook Pages

Here you get to see the top branded companies and their coders and designers at work. Some of these have a really snazzy looky and some have the fans but lack the jazz. The order here is more on the basis of their fan following. 1) STARBUCKS Very clean and minimal layout. they have two […]

Static FBML : How to make a custom facebook page

FBML id the new HTML for Facebook. If you have always wanted to customize your Facebook page then this is where you would have to start. It is absolutely easy and i would recommend everybody to try it out. On the left hand side of you facebook panel you will find the menu. (The images in this post are not very good on quality. […]

3 things you should know about clean Link Building

In my entire career working with seo or online marketing link building is one of the things that can get really messy if not done well. Everybody wants to get to the top and some people want it by any means by are stumped when it backfires. An important thing for everyone to know is […]

Skype with video for the ipod and iphone

Finally it is here. Finally being the key word here. Skype has launched the video calling function for the ipod4 and iphone4  – ios4. Did a test run the whole day and the signal isvery smooth. The quality is not all that amazing. I think Facetime has a relatively better quality than what skype has. […]