What is Microsoft tag?

Microsoft has developed TAG. This give users an opportunity to print out a bar-code label/stickers that can be used on paper or any type of material which when captured onto the microsoft tag app connects you to the url of the label.

Sudden increase in search query impressions!

This is a very interesting and perplexing situation. Sent this question to many people but they could not spot the dot. On the 9th of January 2011 the search query impressions for a site that i analyse just went through the roof. Maybe not that hig but from an approx of 400 impressions to 2400 […]

Apple iOS bug eats away at time!

This new year was a fuzzy start for all the apple customers and it wasn’t the daylight saying flu this time. There were a huge bunch of people who did not wake up in time for work on the 1st morning including me. Reportedly the iOS bug only affected iOS 4 i phones. Apple sold around 1.7million […]