Facebook Reached The Top Place of Google Search in UK at 2013

By the counting of Google tem, the most searched page on google search of internet is Facebook of Social networking. Facebook reached the top of the search result of google at 2013 in United Kingdom. The youtube is the own company of Google but it reached the 3rd place at google search at UK but Facebook […]

Basic Tips For Beginner SEO Specialist

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. There have many search engines available in the web like as Google search engine, Yahoo search engine, Bing search engine and many more. Doing SEO for a website means you are going to rank your website to those search engines. By doing SEO, you can get the first page of search page […]

Google Panda and why you don’t need to worry!

All this talk about the Panda update or the farmer update got me very curious. I often started to check my analytic graphs to see if i could notice a change in traffic on the dates the updates were run.

Why do some pages have such a high page rank that you struggle to get!

If this is you situation or even if this remotely relates to you, this could be your moment of glory. I recently stumbled upon a rather peculiar site. Due to some obscure reason i don’t want to mention the persons name or website details but this is what i came across. 1) The site had […]

E-commerce SEO – Using multiple websites/domains to boost traffic and sale!

It is a known fact that many big website use multiple domains to sell the same products or services or even to advertise for them. The theory behind this is is that customers or even normal surfers go through many websites before they make their purchase. Using multiple domains increses the chance of getting a wee bit […]

What happens when you gather too many back links in a short period of time?

When it comes to SEO there are a bunch of people out there would go all out for it. You give them an inch and they pull through a yard. The rules of backlinking are very simple and the more you try to work with it the more complicated you make it. Let me explain […]