Importance of impression to Click ratio for search queries

Sounds very simple to understand yet when i needed a little more info it was hard to find. If you have webmaster tools the you could find a very simple analysis under a search query tab on your webmaster tools account. Lets get a little deep into what clicks, impressions , CTR and queries actually […]

6 Must fix basic SEO HTML tags

These are a list of the most common SEO base HTML tags that can make a whole lot of difference between a sketchy and an important website. The following tags will give you a and added advantage and a white sheet whne it come to google. Most of the times these are messed up when […]

Sudden increase in search query impressions!

This is a very interesting and perplexing situation. Sent this question to many people but they could not spot the dot. On the 9th of January 2011 the search query impressions for a site that i analyse just went through the roof. Maybe not that hig but from an approx of 400 impressions to 2400 […]

The best Search Engine Optimsation Tool for WordPress

If you have a wordpress blog ad you have always has issues optimizing it then here is a toll to help you with that. Its probably the best and simplest interface you will find out there. SEO unlimited is what you should be looking for. Just rund a search for the plugin with that name, install and […]

3 things you should know about clean Link Building

In my entire career working with seo or online marketing link building is one of the things that can get really messy if not done well. Everybody wants to get to the top and some people want it by any means by are stumped when it backfires. An important thing for everyone to know is […]

Top 3 “MUST HAVE” start-up website analytic tools

.... It has a descent and easy to understand layout and is also very user friendly when it comes to the technical aspect. Once connected with a website Google analytics can drill down to almost any piece or trace of data left by a visitor. These details can be further filtered into good quality reports which graphs and can be directly used in presentations.