What happens when you gather too many back links in a short period of time?

When it comes to SEO there are a bunch of people out there would go all out for it. You give them an inch and they pull through a yard. The rules of backlinking are very simple and the more you try to work with it the more complicated you make it. Let me explain in a little more detail.

Natural Link building:

Link building of this kind is something Google doesn’t only appreciate but also regard highly. This kind of linking takes place slowly and through time for average websites. For websites that launch big it is very visible how they get their links. But our focus here is on small medium and average websites. When you start a new website its almost like starting a new business. You wont get clients or visitors in such a short period. First it would start with family and friends and then friends of friends and then it would spread later on by marketing and word of mouth. The is an approximate method that would be very successful while back linking on google as well. Dont go all out and paste your link everywhere. Dont even go and buy some kind of cheap deal that allows you to get 100 back links in a week. Build them naturally. Take time to advertise for you site on social networking sites. Tweet about new updates. Blog about changes and latest news. This brings visitors and more links. People bookmark sites that interest them and also post links in other places. Read forums an blog and watch out for people who talk about stuff that you have. This is an amazing time to inform them about your service. All these methods build good back links and best of all they are contextual. Google will notice this and you will benefit from you white hat practices and your honest growth in business.

Black hat link building:

This would either be buying links or spamming your link around the place. Google has a database of blacklisted websites that give out links . These websites are banned from google and everyone who gets linked from here as well. So when you decide to buy a huge free back linking package … think twice you never know what your getting into. You dont wanna get google slapped for a silly mistake even before you launch your website. Spammy links are another rather crappy way of moving up the rank. Firstly this increases your bounce rate as there are not many targeted customers or visitors coming in an secondly you sudden increase in traffic and backlinks will alert google and you may suffer a sever penalty from google, which would me you’d loose all your page rank and location on the search engine.

My advice, advance slowly lest you be kicked out for too many links in a short period of time.

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