How to SEO a category, brand or range of products

The following are with reference to online product sales:

– What is a category?

A category refers to a menu on your site that has similar products or groups of products or services listed below it. (eg: If cups were to be a category ceramic cups, plastic cups paper cups etc would have been is sub categories which would in turn have the products listed in them)

– What is a brand ?

A brand is a usually a company name under which certain types of products are available. (eg: NIKE: shoes and clothes etc.)

– What is a range of products?

This is self explanatory.

How to SEO a category, brand or range of products

The lists below are a result of various experiments we have carried out. The most relevant points were taken.

1) Have an extensive range of the products

One of the best ways to optimize with Google is firstly to play by the rules. Instead of searching of ways to get around Google try to work with Google in order to achieve your goals. Google is primarily a search engine built to service customers who search for things. So the better you develop your products and content the better it is for you , your customers and Google. By having an extensive range of products you give the customers a wider variety to choose from and people searching to buy a product will definitely buy it if they find what they want. And even if they leave your site they may come back later or even bookmark your site because of your wide variety or selection range. A limited range on the other hand has a negative twist to your sites ranking as well. You tend to have a higher bounce rate and may sink in rankings.

2) Details these products to a high degree

As we know when it comes to SEO, TEXT is KING. The more the text the better. The more relevant the more brownie points. Keep to the product and the details and write as much text as you can. If it does not benefit the customer it may benefit some random researcher. But text for google is like the key to pandoras box. So the better described the produts are the more chances of people finding them with larger combination of keyword queries. People usually leave out the main categories and sub categories in this process which should not be done. get some text for the categories as well as the products. Make sute your h1 and meta tags are in place as well.

3) Customer reviews of these products

Many people tend not to focus on this. Customer reviews help you to gain the trust of other customers and it its a noticed trend that customer reviews increase normal sales. Not only do the increase sales but they also add a whole bunch of content to the product page.

4) Links to these products from places

We could sit and do a whole 50 sessions on link building but to keep it simple try to link to the main categories first. Back-links to categories will increase the ranking of individual products as well (provided your sitemap is done well).

5) Newsletters with these products

If you have a client database send out regular newsletters with these products and link back. If not send out mails to friends and family and ask them to forward it but linking back through newsletter give fast and regular clicks. This should increase traffic on your site.

6) Google adwords for these products

After all this is done you will be ranking high in google organically or you’ll will be on the way for sure. At this time using ad-words will Bring in targeted, people who have a greater chance of buying.

After all this is done you should have the following:

– Rank high organically which increases traffic

– The google advts will boost the organic ranking and increse traffic

– Ranking of the category and website increase on the whole

– Our value to google increases

– Our sales increase as a direct result of all this

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