Sketch animation video

During my working with the design and advertising section at Scandinavian Breeze we had a task to advertise some of our products on a children's television network.

Surfboard’s for kids

This was the first time i introduced QR codes into and advertisement. This is one of the adverts from an entire series.

Easter egg-holder advertisement video

Our advertising team had never jumped into video before. We focused only on graphical advertisement.

Cartoon designer kids tees

For this advertisement we had to do a photo-shoot with a bunch of kids for a local cartoon imprinted t-shirts.

UFN – Photoshoot

This was part of a series of photoshoots done for Ut Fra Norden over a period of a year.

Accessories: photo-shoot Det Lille Hjornet

This was also one of my first photo-shoot with accessories. These we had to shoot in the soft box with minimal lighting to get a perfect effect. But quite a bit of editing was done as well to get the desired background and product shine at certain spots.