Ayesha Pramanik : Event Creatives

The criteria of most of the flyers were that they had to be small since they were to be used digitally and sometime on print given out hand to hand.

Jaydee : Buddha Lounge

This client was brought to me by a friend who was handling the event operations for the firm. Together we chalked out the design aspects of every event they had, although most of the planning and execution was don't by him i just followed along with the design side.

Flying Dolphin – Beach Bar

This creative was done spontaneously for an event that needed some marketing material. Lionel who owned a beach bar wanted to have an event down by the beach so he planned the entire thing and got the concept for creatives to me which i pulled off.

Loungefly : A Lounge in the sky

Quite a bit of my marketing, public relations and concept design experience comes from Loungefly.

Donabelle : Music speaks what cannot be expressed

The structure of a martini glass was used to build this advertisement. It was done for a client who needed and artwork for one of her performances.

Magsons Supercenter

Magsons was probable one of my first customers that gave me work through the year. The res were usually seasonal.