Xavierlife – Entrepreneur Marketing firm

Rishi Xavier a close friend and a code genius wanted to start his own firm and use the modern media abilities along with social networking to promote it.

Scandinavian Breeze – Logo

This logo was one of the many test logos we made for the original logo. I was along in the building process for this brand.

Gaming Arena: Jump In

The logo designed here was designed for a gaming cyber arena. Chosen out a set of three and implemented into the shops merchandising material it was font and brush play in Photoshop.

Lava Lounge : South Goa

Lava lounge was a concept created for a new customer who wanted creative branding in a very short period of time.

Aditya Mendonsa: South Fire

Aditya Mendonca was a young entrepreneur. He wanted to start an organisation that did things differently so he dropped by to see if we could design a logo that he could use for his company.