Li-Fi Connection – Better Than Wi-Fi

Li-Fi is the another advantages of our new generation. Li-Fi is much better than using a Wi-Fi connection. This system (li-fi) will help you to enjoy the better experience of internet.

Let see the distance of Li-Fi that Wi-Fi.

  1. This system is cheaper than a Wi-Fi connection
  2. This system works with available and natural light so it’s not harmful for our health.
  3. This system’s bandwidth is much better than a radio radio frequency bandwidth.
  4. This system is situated within much more area than a wi-fi area.
  5. If you situate not near of the service then the network of downloads will not become slow.
  6. You can transfer much volume of data with this system.
  7. It is safer from hackers.
  8. The Creator of this system is Harald Haas.