Microsoft Offering 20GB SkyDrive Free Space For Windows Phone User

This weekend, Microsoft got into the soul and slid 20gb of free Skydrive distributed storage space into the leggings of all Windows Phone possessors, paying little heed to if those holders have been fantastic, devious, or some amidst shade of light black.

Microsoft has incorporated Skydrive with the spine of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 indistinguishable. Windows Phones incline toward the cloud administration to enter Office docs, immediately transfer photographs, and the sky is the limit from there. As it were, an additional 20gb of space is convenient dandy in reality. (Microsoft offers 200gb of free Skydrive space to new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 holders.)

The blessing does incorporate a couple of strings, on the other hand. Windows Phone possessors may as well have appropriated a message offering the free space; you’ll have to click the connection inside by January 31 to enact the complimentary gigs. Furthermore, the additional space is bravo year. The point when the clock hits, you’ll likely need to obstacle a premium Skydrive membership in the event that you’ve really made utilization of the aforementioned 20gb – or read up on what happens when your distributed storage goes poof.

Not a Windows Phone client? Don’t fuss. Look at Pcworld’s guide to supersizing your free distributed storage to 100gb (or more!) to discover how you can order an immeasurable swarm of computerized space.