Nexus TV By Google – The Best Attraction

In the technological world, everybody wants the new and newer technology to get some new attractive things. So by keeping all the feedback of user, Google has introduced many more features and the latest feature of Google is Google Nexus TV. The Nexus TV is different than any other TV around of the world. There has many feature added on this TV.

The included features of the TV are listed below.

  • You can see Television Channels
  • You can see Youtube videos anytime
  • You can do video chatting and video call
  • 2D system
  • 3D system
  • You can see color movie’s  by black and white
  • You can maintain this TV with smartphone and watch that is developed with android operating system
  • You can get camera with higher quality.
  • You can see the DVD with your CD, DVD and also with Pen drive

This Nexus TV will launched at 2014 by Google. At first the TV will launched at U.S.A after that will launch worldwide.