Why do some pages have such a high page rank that you struggle to get!

If this is you situation or even if this remotely relates to you, this could be your moment of glory.

I recently stumbled upon a rather peculiar site. Due to some obscure reason i don't want to mention the persons name or website details but this is what i came across.

1) The site had no content. (And when i say no content i mean NO CONTENT) What in the world happened to content is king? There were words, more like brand names
2) This site had a bloggish layout, no stunning web graphics
3)Mostly pictures under every text link, not even many pictures ( each brand name was a link to a page with 1 to 5 images on it.
4)There were around a 100 brand names (links)( What ever happened to tag clouds?? )
5) It had not external advertisements on it and came across pretty serious and clean from scammy spam.
6)No, not a ecommerce site
7) It had a page rank of 5 ( Its not that drop dead gorgeous but for the information below i don't think a page rank 5 is deserved)
8.) Pages indexed Ask 0 Bing 474 Google 900 MajesticSEO 2,030 Yahoo 0 Backlinks Alexa (Site wide) none Google (Specified URL) 398 Google PageRank 5 MajesticSEO (Site wide) 151,543 Open Site Explorer (Specified URL) 0 Yahoo (Site wide) 0 Yahoo (Specified URL) 0  

Now how does a site like this get a page rank of 5?

Most often you have to dig deep into the site if you want to learn something and mostly you will emerge with something youve never known before. Getting the fingers dirty is the first step. Lets dig a little deeper into this website. Below are a list of 3 things you could research to see why someone is getting a higher page rank.


1)Domain Age:

The most important thing to first check when you are researching another website is how old the domain is. This should be visible on any whois websites. For example: http://who.is/ Domains that are older hypothetically get a little bonus from google because they have been out there a while. This time also gives the websites to establish a good seo, backlinks, news articles and a whole pile of stuff. Hence then have a strong page rank

2) Domain Pages:

Check the amount of pages the domain has. This can be done by typing site: followed by the nsame fo the website into the google search box. This should give you the average amount of pages the site has indexed. If the site has around 30,000 pages or more that would indicate why the page rank is high up. Analogy : More pages = More keywords = more chances of getting found on google.


3) Backlinks

I knew these were important but after researching this website i realized that with good quality clan back-links from trusted websites you can race through with page rank. Usint open site explorer you can check the backlinks a site has. Research these links to see which domains have the highest page rank and how they are linked back to the website. Your next task would be to try get back links from them.  

Here is a list of other tools that can help you analyse competition:

The Power 5

1. Alexa
2. Compete
3. Doubleclick Ad Planner
4. Google Trends For Websites
5. Quantcast

Backlink analysis

Majestic SEO
Open Site Explorer

Analytic tools


Toolbar and Extensions

SEO For Firefox
SEOBook Toolbar
SEO Toolbar 
SEO plugin Chrome
  Using this you should be able to pull out a considerable amount of information from you competitor websites or find out how someone has ranked so high.      
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