Static FBML : How to make a custom facebook page

FBML id the new HTML for Facebook. If you have always wanted to customize your Facebook page then this is where you would have to start. It is absolutely easy and i would recommend everybody to try it out. On the left hand side of you facebook panel you will find the menu. (The images in this post are not very good on quality. )

When you click on ads and pages you get into a list of all the pages you own. If you have not created a page then you would obviously have to do that first. (Pages are good for building brands or identities so run along now.) For the rest you get to an option under the name of the page that says edit page, advertise and insights. Click on the edit page option. This is what you left menu should look like.

So now you click on your go to app button that is under the Static FBML button and this is what you will get.

Now you are all set to go. There are a lot of easy codes for basic Facebook pages out there.

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