Intel Launched Hybrid Windows-Android PC

Chipmaker monster Intel is allegedly wanting to start another brand of machine that runs both Windows and Android utilizing virtualization strategies.┬áIntel’s new thought, inside regarded as “Dual OS,” might see Android running within Windows, so both the applications could run side by side without restarting the pc or machine, from the Verge reports. Intel may […]

Breaks of AMD & Intel at 2014

The upcoming new year of 2014 will be a year of gigantic change for both Intel and AMD. Both organizations are reacting to quickly moving market motion as the figuring market proceeds its most excellent item move since the PC appeared about forty years prior. The two CPU producers are striking this movement from diverse […]

Google Going To Design There Own ARM chips

In the course of recent years, we’ve seen Intel and Arm both take steps towards one another’s center business engages. To date, both organizations have met with constrained victory. Intel’s push into portable brought about some Ok items yet bargains force, while different Arm licensees are even now chipping away at server-class plans to contend […]