Facebook Reached The Top Place of Google Search in UK at 2013

By the counting of Google tem, the most searched page on google search of internet is Facebook of Social networking. Facebook reached the top of the search result of google at 2013 in United Kingdom. The youtube is the own company of Google but it reached the 3rd place at google search at UK but Facebook […]

Facebook Video Advertisement (Upcoming)

There has been added photo ads system  on facebook many days ago. You could add the facebook photo advertisement at any time by paying them some amount of money they have fixed but some currently facebook thought and also included the video ads system for video marketing . After few days, you can select the […]

Nexus TV By Google – The Best Attraction

In the technological world, everybody wants the new and newer technology to get some new attractive things. So by keeping all the feedback of user, Google has introduced many more features and the latest feature of Google is Google Nexus TV. The Nexus TV is different than any other TV around of the world. There has […]

Dynamic Military Robots of Google

Google has developed the strong military robots for the U.S. government. The robot is developed under Google and Boston Dynamic. The robot is of four feet long that is not much and also is not small to protect. The gangbuster team of Google said that they are so excited and so trying to look forward […]

WordPress 3.8 has been launched

The new version of wordpress themes has been launched with the great success. You can get many visual function on this wordpress 3.8 version. You can now see all the wordpress news and other wordpress news in a place and also you can see the latest updates on the dashboard. The moderation of the new wordpress […]