Top 3 “MUST HAVE” start-up website analytic tools

Website analytics have become very popular withing the last 10 years and the trend now is that everybody wants stats as the happen and as accurate as possible. The are a huge amount of tracking tools, widgets, applications and softwares for the cause. But there can only be a few that dominate the market. Below is a list of the top 3 analytic tools that you just HAVE to have. This would be the beginners guide to analytics

Top 3 must have website analytic tools for beginners:

All of the tools below have been tested by our team and are recommended for blogs and small websites. We have grouped them together. Each one covers up for the loop holes left by the previous one.


Google analytics has really defined the analytic tools market so as to say. It is one of the best, simple to use, free, efficient and the most detailed analytic tool out there in the market. It calculates data that is usually not even considered by other sites. It has a descent and easy to understand layout and is also very user friendly when it comes to the technical aspect. Once connected with a website Google analytics can drill down to almost any piece or trace of data left by a visitor. These details can be further filtered into good quality reports which graphs and can be directly used in presentations. Google ability to further develop tool in the same direction has also been of immense help to online marketers and the seo folk-town (eg: Google ad-words, Google trends, adsense). Not only do the most of these help you increase the quality of your site but they they help you develop it further. Google analytics is one account you should have. Its the basic and the most advanced set of tools you would need both at the same time and to top it all its totally free. The only sad part is that other analytic sites are getting into the live view or live tracking phase Google analytics still remains dormant. Stats could be delayed by a couple of hours. Also since the web is noe moving to portable its very important to have an app for your ipod/iphone or your android. Google has not released an official copy as yet although there are many who are doing quite a good job.


Getclicky as compared to Google has a much simpler interface.It is built for smaller websites and blogs where every action of the visitor is interesting.  It is free but you soon realize how much help it has been you’d go and buy it right away. Here sorting and filtering data is not as extensive as Google. It also has a fully customizable dash board. Clicky also does not have a app for mobiles (they are working on this as of now i believe). But what they do have is a Google tracking system and live tracking system or real time analytics as well. Clicky can be used to track customer sessions and watch the customers live actions. At once glance at clickys visitor page you can find out the country, time, actions done, referrer for each visiting in one list. Its the most elegant display of data i have seen i a while. It is amazing for small sites and blogs that dont have much data to compute. Easy to understand customer trends and can be doubled up with Google to complete the rest of the heavy analyzing. Altogether a great add-on to a heavy analyzing tool.


Feature wise woopra has pretty much the same with exception of a few. The basic version is free that is 30,000 page views per month. It provides a lot of data but to simplify, it comes with a slick looking dashboard thats right on your desktop. You dont need to go online or connect to a website to check your site stats all you have to do is sign into the desktop app and your on. It also allows you to chat with a customer as the customer come online or browse through your website.  We have previously use this to get in touch with customers who could not check out and were experiencing problems with payment procedures. Woopra also offers custom alerts and visitor tracking. But to sum it up its it bit of all the good stuff with a stunning graphic dashboard right on your desktop. They have also launched an app for the iPhone. The allows you to constantly check stats on the go.

With these 3 activated and running i think it is pretty simple for site that are new to the web to get into the market. Although if you start generating more traffic than you can handle with these you may have to change to a more expensive and heavy duty analytic tool. And believe me there are loads to choose from in the market.

PS: First start with Google Analytics then move to clicky and then to woopra. Its a better experience and cost wise its amazing.

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