Why target keywords locally?

When trying to target keywords for a client it was much easier (very easy) to come up in local searches for targeted keywords than the international searches. Let me give you a short insight into it.

What is GEO targeting:

Geo targeting is geographic targeting. When you have a product that you want to sell in a particular region that has a better demand for that product you need to GEO target it for better results. This means that the keywords you need should help you stand out in a particular region or locally. (eg: a ceramic potter from china would like to known for his goods in china or maybe a town in china to begin with, optimizing his keywords for this location would not only help him in ranking but increase hi sales as well)

Why to target keywords locally:

For instance if your market is limited to Denmark  for example and you have created your website and have just got your sitemap indexed and your Google webmaster tools and analytics are functional. You start to generate reports on which keywords you turn up for organically. This mean that you show up in Google for some keywords that Google thinks you are more relevant than other websites for. Now if you try to optimize one of these keywords you will find it easier to climb up in the local rankings. When i mean local rankings i mean a Google.dk which would be Denmark, as it is your target market to begin with. And with a little help from some local seo and backlinking you should be having a descent sale and traffic from your target audience. When this is set and starts driving traffic in on a regular basis your international rankings in google will also increase. The most common mistake people make when trying to target a keyword is that they go all out for it and try to get it international (google.com). This is a little over the edge and more than one can grasp if your trying to learn the ropes. Yes, if your product or service is unique then you may stand a chance but if your a newbie you may want to step into the local ring first. when your strong enough on the local ring then you can maybe aim higher.

How to target keywords locally:

Doing a local product market research, a keyword research and setting up your analytic systems would be a good idea before you begin.

1)  Choose the most relavant set of keywords that appeal to your business.

2) Keyword in domain name is a plus for sure.

3) It helps to have a local domain extension such as .uk .us .dk etc.

4)  All content should be created based on the targeted location or wrapped around the location.

3) Location based keywords would help while optimizing content. ( eg: … is fine Italian food)

4) Do the local SEO jazz (dont over do this)

5) Google ad-words with a small budget but a very custom and targeted output to top it all.

Language could also play a big role in regions where being part of a community is important but generally most content is in English.

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