WordPress 3.8 has been launched

The new version of wordpress themes has been launched with the great success. You can get many visual function on this wordpress 3.8 version. You can now see all the wordpress news and other wordpress news in a place and also you can see the latest updates on the dashboard.

The moderation of the new wordpress version is listed bellow.

  1. You can see all the news in News section.
  2. The screen section has become responsive and visual
  3. The column section has been and made it to responsive.
  4. The “Quick Press” has changed to “Quick Draft”
  5. You can now arrange your Dashboard with six new added colour and that is light, Blue, Midnight, seaweed, Pixel, Ectoplasm
  6. Open Sans Front has been added to Dashboard
  7. Effective for the Mobile Device
  8. Install theme and Customize theme option is arranged in one place
  9. New hover effect has been attached.
  10. THX 38 plugin has been added
  11. Omni Search engine plugin has been added
  12. You can see the widget board in new style
  13. WordPress developed “Twenty Four “ theme has been published newly.

So everybody update and enjoy WordPress 3.8.